Shopping Jobs Availability - is this board "it"??

I'm new - I've not done a shop yet but my question is - -- on the Jobs Board here.....are those usually the *only* listings available in the Mystery Shopping world? I ask because I barely see any in my area. I guess I'm trying to learn....if you sign up with all the individual they have shop listings that are *not* posted on this forum? Thanks

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The forum Job Board has only a small fraction of the shops available. A few schedulers use it to induce shoppers to sign up with their MS companies.

Start by signing up with the most popular MS companies. there is a list of those 15 at the bottom of this page. Then, on any day that you do not have as many shop assignments as you would like, sign up with at least 5 more from the longer list of nearly 200 companies, also at the bottom of the page. Shoppers who stay very busy tend to be signed up with 75 or more companies. the time spent signing up is part of your investment in running your new business. Enjoy !

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