Is this a reputable company? I hadn't applied to them, but just got an email saying they were interested in using me for grocery store shops in my area. I am new to the game, so I'm just wondering what you all can tell me about this company. Thanks!

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They are a great company that pays like clockwork...

Shopping Bama and parts of Georgia.
I'm still learning 24/7.
Thank you! Is the best way with these companies to do direct deposit to your bank account, in your opinion?
There are three ways shoppers get paid generally: checks, Paypal and direct deposit. By far my favorite is direct deposit because there is no delay (as needs to happen if you transfer money from Paypal to your bank) and no possibility of checks getting 'lost in the mail' or bouncing. The companies organized enough to do direct deposit pay like clockwork. If the money is supposed to be there on the last business day of the month, by golly it is. In that sense I will ALWAYS choose direct deposit if it is an option.

As for their shops, the pay is poor to medium except for the business verifications, which I will no longer do for them due to a recent new requirement that I pay for a background check. My personal opinion is that it potentially shifts liability to the shopper so I will not do it even if the company pays for it, period. As long as I was "average Joe on the street" evaluating whether I thought the business was active, I was willing to play. As soon as you want any 'credentialling' I am not going to represent myself as something other than 'average Joe' and incur the potential liability.
You need to sign up with them in order to work for them. Check the link below the "Your Reply" box on any thread that says "Official List of Mystery Shopping Companies". That will have a link to Trendsource's website to register as a shopper with them.
Super, great company. Jump on it.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
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