It's me

Hi everyone, I'm Barb g from Dallas TX. I've been shopping about 4 years. On most of the other forums I post on I use the name Ageoldie. I work full time fro a group of 7 Rheumatologists doing medical billing. I shop on the wat to work, on the way home and on the weekends. My husband, who I lovingly call Ole'Alvin, and I have been married 43 years. We have two grown boys and one 11 year old grandson. I do fast food shops, but very few fine, or even casual dining shops as Alvin is not very mobile anymore and we don't go out to eat too much. I'd love some take out shops if anyone knows who does those.

Well that about sums it up. I'm pretty boring.

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You are NOT boring.........I am celebrating 30 years this year w/hubby.
Isn't it grand to be w/one person so many years??

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