Howdy Everyone

Hi my name is Pat and I started in mystery shopping when I lived down in Colorado.
Then I went onto merchandising and did it since I lived in the 4 corners as they call it. I did New Mexico,Colorado,Texas,Kansas and Oklahoma. Where I lived at the time in Colorado jobs were not real handy being in the middle of nowhere.That was 4 years ago. Then last year I moved home to Arlington, Washington and now I have been doing merchandising and theatre standees. I put mystery shopping when it is slow. Oh yeah I also do demonstrations on weekends. It is great to be able to work under your own conditions. Especially when your husband is in a wheelchair. So all I can say to newbees is check out the forum and ask as many questions as you can it is well worth it.

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Can you recommend a good company to do merchandising for? I did one for Certified and they were really unoganized.
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