Hi from Washington State

Hello everyone! I am in Tacoma, WA........just about 40 miles south of Seattle..
yeah, I see you up there Jacob!! HA!!

I have been msing since 2004. Read an article in the newspaper....for Ropernop (now known as GFK) logged on and have been hooked ever since. I do this part time as I have full time job at post office.........well, until July 2010 when I will be retiring. I will then venture more into hotel/resort shops. My hubby of almost 30 years is retiring January 2010 so he will be ready.

I am a moderator at another forum but like to stay active in many forums. I help newbies all the time usually via email. I have 2-4 contact me a day. Why?? Because when I started in this industry....I was overwhelmed and would have loved someone I could email some of my questions to..........decided that once I had a handle on this stuff......I would make myself accessible to newbies.

I am 53.........have one son and lovely DIL.

My greatest joys and blessings in my life (besides my hubby, of course) are my two beautiful grandchildren.

edited to add: I have a bestest girlfriend in Calif, JOAN!!

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