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I am the newest member in the forum.
I live in Athens,,Greece.
I am willing to start to be a mystery shopper but till now I could not find any opportunity.
Please inform and advise me if you know some site to follow for mystery shopping in Greece.

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If you visit [] on the top tool bar there is a small American flag and the words UNITED STATES, next to this is a small arrow, when you click the arrow a drop down field appears with the different countries we currently have Mystery Shops in. You would need to sign up for the country you would be visiting but you would need to speak and write in the countries language to be able to conduct the shop. Currently we do not have shopps in Greece but do have these countries in Europe:
Belgique (Français)
België (Nederlands)
Česká republika
United Kingdom

If you are not already a registered shopper with Ipsos, please register at []. It will take up to 30 minutes for you to receive the email from Ipsos with your login information. Once received, login and click on OPEN OPPORTUNITIES in the upper left corner (using a computer, NOT a smart phone and NOT a tablet). Apply for the ones you are interested in.

Thank you!
Hello my name is Laura and I am new to mystery shopping. I have been a member of a site for about 3 years, however I was only able to get a few shops through them because they are not popular in my area. Does anyone know of a particular industry to look for mystery shops in that pays, or do you know of any sites that I could look into? I have spent 10 years as a health care worker and my most recent client got well enough they no longer needed assistance. My husband is on disability so it is difficult to support our four children and the two of us on just his paycheck. I have looked a few other sites, yet I am cautious because there are so many scams out there. I would accept any feedback and I look forward to helping the rest of you as I learn more and am able to share more experience with you all.
Hi Laura!
There is a huge list of legitimate mystery shopping companies linked at the bottom of this page. Start by signing up with the "15 Most Discussed" as they are all larger companies with work nationwide.

In terms of "finding shops that pay," what, specifically are you looking for and how much time do you have to spend mystery shopping? How you approach making money will very much depend on what type of time you have to commit to it. I work full time, but don't have young kids, so I spend quit a bit of time outside my full time work mystery shopping, but can easily pull in over $2000 in any month I want.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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