Hello from Ontario Canada

I have been doing mystery shopping for almost 20 years now. I like how you can pick something that fits into your schedule like a restaurant, hotel, store in a mall, etcetera. I usually get a 9 or a 10 rating, if the company uses that system. However, I am frustrated by the inconsistencies of editors, especially with restaurants. I dish out a lot of money (usually $60-100), give you my honest opinion (backed up with specifics), take photos (which speak a thousand words), add extras, but you still question me if the restaurant is not up to par. READ. I swear they have cut and paste comments like teachers on report cards. Then I have to wait 4-6 weeks to get the reimbursement cheque. They don't do PayPal. I will not name the company but I will not be doing any more evaluations for them. Ok it is ACL. Feedback?

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Welcome to the forum. If you post similar concerns in the MS discussion area you may get more member feedback. Of course, if you name the MSC, then members could be more specific about feedback.

You will find a very supportive group here. Above all, have fun.

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