Hi From MD!

Hi. I just joined this forum. I was referred here by a Scheduler from Amusement Advantage. I’ve completed 3 shops with them and have another planned on the 1st of September.

I live in Baltimore County and work a FT job M-F in the corporate world. I feel this is the perfect opportunity to supplement my low income.

I’m curious, what have been some of your most successful or fun shops?

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Welcome grinning smiley

I've enjoyed shops where I get things that adds value to my life/lifestyle. Such as massages, gym memberships, designer perfume, designer sunglasses or staying in 5 star hotels.

I really enjoyed a bus tour shop I've done. I was able to explore my city and learn history that I didn't otherwise know. I also enjoyed going to Ripley's believe it or not. I got to take my mom who has always wanted to go.
Welcome @sgrmag74. My funnest shop to do was a cruise shop, but it was also the worst to report, mostly because I wasn't ready for it. I do as much mytery shopping as I can and have a part time job and do some freelance writing. I like to do a variety of shops, used to love Amusement Advantage when they had the Inner Harbor Shops.

@eyelove2shop I did the Ripley's in Atlantic City a few years ago and it was so run down and dirty that I haven't wanted to go back and try it again. I'd love to do one of those bus tour shops though, that does sound like fun.

Shopping the South Jersey Shore
I loved the one in NY. I grab it every chance I'm eligible. Amusement Advantage has a bus tour company they shop that operates in DC. The report is looooooooooong but it's really easy and fun.
I saw that one but try not to travel too far if I'm not headed that way. I did one in DC a few weekends ago. I actually won tickets to see a concert at The Anthem so I was able to make a nice day of it. I'm really looking forward to my shop this weekend. I'd love to get more that I don't have to pay out (like for tickets, etc) to do. I need to get into saving mode.

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