Introducing myself

Happy to say I just joined! I own Service Impressions, a small MSP. I am looking forward to posting our jobs here and learning what make jobs more (or less) attractive!

Dan Crevin, Owner
Service Impressions (MSP)

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Welcome to the forum!

We ask that those who are not just shoppers identify their role in the industry with that information in their Signature line. You can easily add that by clicking your name in the dark menu bar at the top of the page, go to the Control panel and add it there. It will then appear with each of your posts. Thanks!
Welcome and your asking how to make jobs more attractive, quick pay for sure.

Live consciously....
I altered my profile and hope I made the correct additions. I was not quite sure.

Dan Crevin, Owner
Service Impressions (MSP)
Thanks for trying. Evidently it didn't 'take'. Try the 'Edit Signature' along the left side of that screen in Control Center.
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