Newish shopper from CA. Hello!

Hi everyone. I've been a MS since October. So far I've signed up for Market Force, Sinclair, Ipsos, Amusement Advantage, BestMark, Gigspot, and a few others I haven't shopped for yet.

By far, Market Force and Ipsos have the most jobs in my Area, East Bay CA.
Anyone have other suggestions of MSC that have ample work?

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Welcome! I used to be a shopper in the East Bay/Bay Area (now in SoCal). Try KSS, MaritzCX, athPower, Service Sense, Customer Service Experts, iSecretShop.
Not to my knowledge. KSS is Kern International. I think that KSS originally stood for Kern Scheduling Systems. KSS is run by Lorri Kern who occasionally posts here.
@1957Teddy wrote:

Aren't KSS and Service Sense the same company?

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
KSS is a scheduling service whose clients are MSCs. IT is not an MSC. But, checking KSS job boards will help you to find shops and then sign up with the MSCs that offer them.

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@1957Teddy wrote:

Aren't KSS and Service Sense the same company?
No, KSS is a scheduling company who may or may not schedule for Service sense.

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Hey there! I'm in Southern CA, joined this board about 2 wks ago, & been MS for about a year now, but not seriously.
But I should start signing up w/ more companies. I'm currently signed on w/ 9 companies (you can see my list in my New Member intro), but a few aren't busy enough to be worth it to me, so I'm looking to see which ones are a lot more worthwhile. I did a few shops eons ago w/ Jancyn, then stopped for years & have started again for about a year.

Someone here said that many people here are signed on w/ 75 - 150 MS companies. Can a person really make a FULL-TIME living doing this? I might have to the way my other piddly jobs are going!
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