Please Information Audit or MS to Jakarta Indonesia

Hi, I asked for you, What company opens MS or audit jobs in Jakarta/ Indonesia



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Hello Hafid. This forum is mostly North American shoppers so we are unlikely to be able to help you. If you can find shopper forums in your part of the world you are more likely to get useful help.
It is a difficult time to give specifics. Most MSCs have closed their shopping for 2019 and have not yet posted needs for January.

Among the MSCs I would direct you, as each do shopping in Asia/Pacific, would be:

Albatross (Shopmetrics)
AQ (Shopmetrics)
Bare (Sassie)
BVA (In-house platform)
Coyle (Shopemetrics)
HS Brands (Sassie)
International Service Check (In-house platform)
IPSOS (Shopmetrics)

You'd be well served to check out the MPSA AP []
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