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Hey Guy!

I've been doing mystery shopping part-time for around 4 years now. I personally like to do shops that involve food whether it's something quick or fine dining. I actually found this forum to be very helpful with validating the legitimacy of certain companies that are not as well known.

Now I have decided to join and see what other tips I can pick up and hopefully I can share some as well. And of course please recommend me any mystery shopping companies that do tons of food shops! Although I did join a good amount.

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Welcome! It sounds like you enjoy what you do. smiling smiley

The best way to learn about food shops is to read the 'Mystery Shopping Discussion' and 'Mystery Shopping Companies Discussion' boards. Good luck, and Bon apetit!

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Welcome !

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Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
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I started Mystery shopping when Obama said that anyone that works more than 28 hours a week is going to be covered by work insurance. They immediately cut everyone's workweek from 60+ hours to less than 30 hours. Not only that but I lost all of the drive time to other states. I went from 7 to 8 Hundred a week to less than 300 a week. So I have been mystery shopping ever since. It has especially come in handy since I started getting SSI because of my heart failure and my various cancers. Not making what I would like but it does get me out and about. Four plus years almost five-plus years. doing this and also having fun at it.
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