Hello everyone my name is Cindy wanted to greet everyone. And maybe vent a little I've been trying to pick the right place to do mystery shopping and this last one is just annoying it was for a group claiming to be Csetgroup mystery shoppers with a guy who claims his name is Jim H. Mont as soon as assignment arrived red flags were going off in my head. The cashiers check was blank for who payee and the from side was from a Diane Beck whom id never heard of, So i looked on the internet and did some research found this site where i also found my instinct was correct it not legit. If that wasn't bad enough i am now receiving phone calls, emails, and texts telling me to get the job done & why am i not done. UGH so frustrating but have to try again family needs me. Thanks 4 listening.

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Hi Cindy, I am really glad you didn't fall for the fake check scam. It's been an ongoing problem for well over a decade. Some people do fall victim and then it causes them serious financial and legal problems. If you are interested in becoming a shopper for legitimate companies there is a link to a list at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately this is not a good time to find shops because many companies have ceased the shopping programs due to the Corona virus pandemic. Best of luck.
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