Hello from Montreal !

Hey all,

I'm trying to become a mystery shopper, I actually used to work in retail and we had a company for mystery shoppers. Couldn't wait to do it myself and be the shopper, not sure if i ever served one but every few months one would come in. I'm not sure what it's like or how it works in Canada, even Montreal so if anyone is from the area and has tips im all ears. Going to read the FAQ, I know a few sites for QC. Saw a redit thread that brought me here, so here I am !


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Welcome to the forum. I am not in Canada but there are quite a few members who are, so I am sure you will hear from them.

Meanwhile, you can get a head start by going to the New Mystery Shoppers area of the forum and reading the topics that are "pinned" to the top of the list there. Enjoy !

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

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Welcome. I am from Alberta.
One company that has work in Quebec is Lanla

Premier Service and Shoppers Confidential also.

When I started, I signed up with every company listed here at the bottom.

Good luck.
I have done a few jobs for Lanla in Alberta.
Paid well compared to some other jobs.

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