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Does anyone work them? Do they have a lot of work? Anything you can tell me about them will be appreciated. Thanks!

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They have a ton of reset work right now.5am start and 8am start. I turned them down as the scheduler was sooo rude. the web site to sign up was amazingly long. Email resume, fill out 6 or 7 page application-very in depth, have glitch in their system, do it all over again. Was told by recruiter that they were having problems with the new system. Do application and and upload resume again. Get call from recruiter, offered low pay, no mileage/drivetime for job 38 miles away one way.She really grilled me about ability to lift heavy weights,twist, climb, be on knees for several hours at a time. She actually had me wondering what the &6%$ are they merchandising? I did car battery resets and did'nt have any problems, so what they were up to is beyond me. I have been in this field for 18 years and that was the rudest scheduler I have ever encountered.
Write down all your questions and get your answers up front. Write down the name of the person who you talk to and their number. Cover your you know what. They do have lots of work, but a huge turn over of people in the field.
I work for Convergence and most of the work is cosmetic resets but there is project work available in the "off" months.

As far as the company itself they have been going through some growing pains because just a couple years ago they were a very small company and they suddenly got several big contracts for large cosmetic brands nation wide. I have not seen a large turn over of people in the specific field of cosmetic resets. Convergence has a lot of ads simply because they have taken on so much work. If you are in a larger metro-type area you could be working 50-60 hours a week if you want to this time of year. In addition they provide for travel fees for remote locations. Pay is based on experience and average to above average.

Be prepared that the hours can be long. I have taken part in resets that are only 5-6 hours and some that ran to 12 hours and you must stay until it is completed. The start times are mostly 8am but there are some projects running right now that start at 4am. Physically you have to be able to handle lifting boxes of fixtures and kneeling on the floor while resetting lower portions of the set. It is definitely not a light weight kind of reset.
They hire you in at say $10.75 hour the next thing you know your pay rate is drop to $10.50 but not inform that pay rate is less until you get your check. The point is I would have decline the project if I had been inform the pay rate was lower.
Long hours on a nail set that was suppose to take 4-6 reps 6.75 hours to complete took 4 reps 14.45 hours and 2 reps return next day and put in 8 more hours. WOW who figures these resets hours
The pay rate is stated on the portal for each assignment. The cosmetic resets are at your hourly rate and the project pay is for the project, regardless of the time it takes. In other words, if you are assigned or accept a project that is say for $9 and it only takes you 15 minutes, you are paid $9. I have had assignments on my portal that I could not do and with an email to my area manager was able to have that work moved to another rep.

The nail resets were estimated at much lower than they are taking for sure. You must have been on one of the larger sets. My team of 5 (we were short one) took 13 hours for 24ft.
I live close to a major metropolitan area. Do they always have plenty of work? They contacted me about the cosmetic resets, but the hours interfere with my regular job. U am willing to quit my regular job, but I have to be sure I can do enough merchandising to make up for it.

The work is very heavy Jan-March starts to slow down a little April and May then gets busy again June-August, maybe into September then slower again October-Dec. It is not busy hours year round. There is some project work in between but I would not count on it for hours. I work multiple merchandising jobs so usually the busy season for one matches up to the slow season for another.
Thanks...that's what I needed to know. If they can keep me busy a good part of the time I can fill in with other jobs.
I have been doing the nail care resets. They are desperate for people because there have been several problems with the nail care resets and people no longer want to do them. The resets are understaffed and the hours are greatly understated. Then they have a problem that the resets take so long. The person I report to has sent out multiple nasty e-mails and then does not respond to e-mails asking for guidance on an assignment. Though they pay on time, I am seeking work with other companies since the headaches with their "growing pains" aren't worth the low pay.
Wanted to add a couple of more things about the nail care and cosmetic resets: they are cancelled because they can't pull teams together, they are cancelled because of no-shows which are especially annoying when it's a 4 a.m. start time, and I have yet to do any nail care resets that lasted less than 12 hours. One was 17 hours and one was 19 hours and we did not complete the resets due to issues with the electric, lack of materials and missing parts of the wall.
avitoots - it is the store's responsibility to get the electric working.

They are definitely going through growing pains smiling smiley
Maybe I am lucky? but I have not had any cancelled nail resets nor heard of any in my area. They are now taking a lot less time as people become more comfortable. My last one was done in about 10 hours and I have heard of a couple taking about 8 hours.
Have you tried calling the resolution center if you have questions about an assignment? They are usually very helpful.
soo7mile -- I know that it's the store's responsibility. However, I have yet to work on a team that is fully staffed. I did training with a couple of corporate trainers and was told that the nail care resets are supposed to have 6-7 people on a team. I've done resets with 3-4 people, most, like me, new to the company. The manager in my area thought that 2 people would be sufficient to complete the job in the timeframe you mentioned. There is no way these resets can be completed in a timely manner with only two to three people.

The area I am currently in is completely mismanaged with regularly under staffed teams, lack of response to questions about assignments and nasty e-mails being sent from the area manager on a regular basis. This is not Walmart's fault but the fault of the manager of my area who has botched not only the nail care reset but the other big contract as well.
I feel your pain if your manager is not staffing as expected. It really should be 1 rep per 4ft section. 1 person short you can still run it but more than that and you will run into time issues or a situation where it will take 2 days.

Hopefully with the company growing there will be a new manager in your area before the fall sets start. They have hired some new area managers over the last 6 months because of growth and are splitting the areas as needed based on work load.
soo7mile -- I hope you're right. They already divided my state and there are still problems. They also need to do a better job of training team leads. I have worked with a couple who were awful, treated me as if I was an idiot assuming that, because I was new, wouldn't be able to do anything but the most basic work. By the time I had worked with these two team leads, I had completed a couple of resets and did know what I was doing. Have no idea how to put up the wall, so I would admit that I couldn't do that. Everything else, not exactly brain surgery.
I worked for them for awhile about 2 years ago but quit because they annoyed the heck out of me. Mainly it was because they would give me assignments and I would have a week or two weeks to do them. Fine, right? But then they would always mail the materials out late so they arrived at the very last minute, so you really couldn't plan in advance because you didn't have a 1-2 weeks after all, you had a day if you were lucky, and they still expected it to be done on time. It wasn't uncommon for due dates to pass with no updates or materials. My district manager was no help and rarely responded to emails. This did not work for me, so I finally emailed my distrct manager, told her she and the company were flaky and I was resigning.

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This company has changed dramatically in the last year including some growing pains. I wouldn't think that it would look anything like the company it was 2 years ago - IMHO.

Currently if materials are going to be late I get an email which includes information about extending the due date. I have also had one situation where I did not get the materials as soon as I was expecting so I contacted my manager and she manually changed that due date for me.
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