Frustrated with Castforce

I really wanted to go there about weatherman because the posts over last few days have been a little much but just took the time to click on their history and really believe something must have happened. A year filled with glowing comments about Castforce including essentially telling another poster to suck up and stop complaining, suddenly followed by this.

I am not sure all the complaining is the best way to get people on your side or solve the problem, but I really do think there is a decent chance weatherman is out some money.

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He may very well be out some money, but we need some kind of details in order to believe him. We can not decide who is at fault without knowing anything about the situation. Just coming on here and blasting Castforce does not tell us anything. Even though it may very well be the fault of Castforce, how do we know that maybe he did not do something he was suppose to do and therefore hasn't got paid? In my experience those who do not want to give any details are usually the ones at fault.
That statement will hold up very well in a court of law...NOT!

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I absolutely agree that his approach is horrible here and some details would be very nice.

Of course, if this is the method that was employed to solve this problem, that may be the whole issue.

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You keep posting about the same issue over and over again in order to bump up these threads. Pick a thread, any thread and stick around long enough to answer questions. We aren't here to help you increase the odds of people finding your complaints during a Google search.

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Hello Weatherman. I clicked on the times-news link and it was very similar to what you've been posting here. I understand from your posts that they deposited $4,000 to your account and then withdrew it. Please tell us the reason it was withdrawn. Was it deposited to your account in error? Was it payment for jobs you actually completed? Was this $4,000 a one time deposit or did it consist of accumulated payments the company decided to withdraw? If it was a one time deposit how did that happen? Did you do $4,000 worth of work in one pay cycle? I just don't understand what's going on here. Of course, I can understand you are extremely upset about losing $4,000 but please give us some details on how this happened. Assuming they actually owed you this money for work performed to guidelines, could you not file charges for theft? If not, why not?

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Why does the owner here need to watch out?

By the way, I do feel that your explanation here today was the most reasonable and likely to lead to others understanding your plight.
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