Tall Grass Talent Group.

Does anyone else have a problem with 'Tallgrass talent group' wanting so much information.
They are asking for a picture and the number off your drivers license.
I do not know that they will give me any work. I wish they would at least let one thru the door before they rake you over for your pimples.
Feed back please.

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I am guessing that they just want solid identification if they are sending you into their clients locations.

I have had to send in a scan my licence and SS card for some jobs, I consider it pretty standard.
They need those items for the I-9. The problem I'm having with some of these companies is their requirement to have someone not connected with the company sign the I-9. Most of the people I know won't sign it since the I-9 form specifically states that the signer is a representative of the company.
Tall grass has gone way down hill since they changed over from Sunflower.
They are extremely disorganized and pay less than most. Even when calling last minute. I haven't worked with them for quite a while.

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