Finding jobs

It would be so nice if the merchandising companies would post jobs here.
I get so tired of searching.
Does anyone have any fresh ideas for cutting down on search time?

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Indeed, NARMS (of course),Simply Hired, Your state Job Net. If you feel cagey, go to Kohl's, Target, or any retailer near you that you wouldn't mind working at, and look in their vendor book. It will tell you who is active in your area. You can then shoot an application to them. If you are questioned, say you are doing a verification for your company to see if the employees are logging in and out correctly. Are you looking for cycle, or project work? It is getting close to the end of the season for project work though. I've done this and have made some good connections. Found some real dogs to work for too.

I just looked up a few in your state-
Acosta, WIS International, Retail Integrity, Reader Link, ProVantage Corporate Solutions, Lawrence Merchandising. There's everything from books and magazines, POP, resets, to cycle work in this list. Good luck.

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Networking is key! Always talk to other vendors that you see in the store get to know who is there and what company they work for.
I can't tell you the number of times I have introduced myself to a new merchandiser only to find out they are a district manager -which leads to job offers smiling smiley
I make sure everyone knows who I am and as a result other reps refer me and let me know when there are openings.

Many times jobs are filled before they are posted.
I have worked for Lawrence for almost 5 years. I really liked them, they pay fair, and I am always happy to tell someone I work for them.

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I loved working for Lawrence, until a new DM decided all previous agreements were no longer valid. I do work another job, so I was only available for the 2 days of cycle work that I was assigned to. She decided that I would also be in a grocery store on a Friday at 6am. That is a day I work my other job. She couldn't get the picture that I only worked Monday and Thursdays. She was daft enough to threaten me with termination. I said adios on the spot. I'm going to give up my regular job for 6 hours a week? I loved what I was doing in Target though.
Re: vendor book peek: do remember to dress up at least business casual if you have the guts to try this. Personally, I'd be nervous trying it if not dressed in a suit.
DrSquash Wrote:
> Re: vendor book peek: do remember to dress up at
> least business casual if you have the guts to try
> this. Personally, I'd be nervous trying it if not
> dressed in a suit.

In my Walmart you would be suspicious dressed in a suit smiling smiley I have not yet run into a merchandiser or supervisor for that matter wearing a suit.

Also, about vendor books...many stores are now keeping them behind the desk so that you have to ask for it. If they don't know you they may be looking for a badge before handing over the vendor book.
It may be area related. Kohl's in this area keeps them at customer service on the counter, as does Wal-Mart, K-mart, & Target. Macy's, Boston Store/ Dillard's are strictly behind the counter. You also have to give them your car keys when you sign in to get a vendor badge. When you sign out, you get your keys back. It's their tracking method. I cleaned out my junk drawer and found keys for cars I no longer own any more and made up a nice looking set to give them. An old house key, a couple old rewards store cards. No way am I giving anyone the keys to my new car!
If you are already doing merchandising, look through the vendor book when you are are signing in.
The companies that I work for require polo type shirts ( something with a collar), Khakis, closed toe shoes. No tee shirts, sweats, jeans, shorts, tennis shoes, flip flops. The most demanding one is business casual, but a nice button down blouse, dress pants with pumps or flats work fine. I used to work for one that I had to wear a blazer for work, but they went out of business. But, they did pay really well. Sigh...
The method I have used: Get to look at the uniform/badge of a merchandiser when you happen to be in the store. This is how I found Driveline, Crossmark, and IRI.
I was hired by Crossmark and was set to do an interview with a BIG box store today. However, the person with whom I was to meet called and cancelled. She said she already had a full house. She has 28 vendors already.
Oh well, back to applying.
Everyone have a blessed HIGH dollar day. lol
I have had a love hate relationship with them for years. I thought I was hating them this year. Now I know for sure I am. She will call bach around spring, when she has burned her 28 vendors out. They love to work them like dogs, then when there is a high turn over, they wonder why.
Better days are coming. Good luck
Hello wonderful people!

I have experience as a Demostrator through a company that is no longer in existance...and a little shopper experience as well. I am desperately seeking a merchandising, demo, or an ongoing campaign through a reputable company. Any advise on how to find opportunities, hopefully this month, really need extra income for the holiday. Thank you:-) :-)
What is your general location? Do you have any merchandising experience? Demo work is real strong right now, so, with your experience you shouldn't have too much trouble finding another demo gig. Merchandising work will be slowing down in a few more weeks. Cycle work will get slower too. I've gone from 6 hours per store per week to 1 hour per store next week. Greeting cards are regular, but, poor paying. Magazines are ok cycle work. Good luck
Try advantage sales and merchandising for demo jobs. They just toke $1 aff the pay per hour jobs I am not happy.
Register at (Merchandising website)

Good Luck!

P.S. I just retired from two merchandsing positions, and was offered a third in Northern MI and they are looking to fill the spots. Contact me and maybe I can help if you are interested.
Hello everyone, I am new to all of this ms, merchandising,demos etc. I need some guidance for snagging jobs. I live in harford county Maryland. Anyp and all suggestions would be appreciated. I have worked for Remington Evaluations and pay was ok but a lot of writing!!! Please help!!! Thanks
Help is all over the place on the forum. A list of potential companies is at the bottom of the main page and there are discussions on most of them. The "New Mystery Shoppers" section has threads devoted to a variety of subjects which can help someone start and grow their mystery shopping business. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee and read, read, readsmiling smiley

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Hello rme623, what exactly did you do for these merchandising companies? I am a new ms and am trying to dip my feet in all of the waters. I live in harford county Maryland. Would Narms be a good place for me to start? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
Some companies are a one time thing. Others are weekly. Right now I have a weekly and am doing pretty good. I have made right at $1,100. this past month. I started the week of Christmas which was a very bad thing to do. It is taking more of my time than I had planned on doing. But, I am thankful

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