NARMS becoming World Alliance

Anyone else get the email to change to the new World Alliance website? free for the basic, but $29.00 for the " better level" for the "serious professional." I have noticed that they are big into training ( it was $15 for the Merchandiser certification years ago, yes, I did do it.) They are offering NARMS U in Demo's, Mystery shopping and a few other areas. I don't have the ambition to fill out forms today. I did watch the whole slide show and was puzzled as to why I would bother to post a current drug test or criminal report. I would want a fresh check of both if I was hiring someone.
I have noticed that I am getting many inquiries for demo, audits, and mystery shop work through NARMS. I have always listed on my profile I DO NOT DO DEMO WORK OR 3RD SHIFT WORK. In caps. So I do get a bit perturbed when I get calls for this almost weekly. It seems like NARMS is being used as a resource for all schedulers for anything. I wish I could opt out on anything outside merchandising or audits. I don't want that demo offer at 9pm, the 3rd shift cosmetic reset from 5 different people in two days. The last 10 or 15 contacts with me either have had nothing to do with merchandising, or, were for locations 100 miles away with no drive time or mileage component to the compensation.

I actually thought this was a phishing attempt email, but I did use my own shortcut to go to the NARMS site and found this was on their site under news.

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I filled out the application but did not like it. I felt that I could have drawn in more work for myself by putting things in my own words. Apparently, the choices are flagged by their system so they can recommend jobs. Why do they need to know which colleges I've attended? Why do they need references and a photo of myself?
I also had a problem with the intensity of the application. It seems that there will be many more people that are not merchandising schedulers accessing the site and our profiles. I don't think I will be filling out the new application as I don't want demo work, sales work or even more retail clerk offers. I also did not think much of $29.00 for the " professional" upgrade. I just check the vendor books when I am in stores and see who is doing work in the area and apply directly to them. I don't need to wait for yet another offer from Driveline or Castforce to show up in my email from NARMS.
I have noticed more of the merchandising companies are requesting a photo for my ID. This is after I have been hired though. This is to get access to the backrooms at some of the better stores. I don't have a problem with that, I can understand the security aspect of the request. However, I also think this is a quick way to exclude certain types from the hiring process by having your photo there on the profile. Are you the "wrong" nationality, age, weight, not pretty enough? There are a few companies that ask up front for your picture before they start the hiring process. I'm work to put the product attractively on the shelf, build a good relationship with the store personnel, and help the customers if I can. I don't need to be a super model to do any of those things, just have a good work ethic.
Sorry for the rant. I'm feeling particularly old and cranky today.
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