Focus Servicing is recruiting

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Yes. Thank you! This is all great information.
I'm missing my Rebill forms for my next job, so I need to call and have them re-emailed to me. (The original one she sent me didn't attach properly). Otherwise I'm in good shape.

My best guess is that there were no merchandisers prior to myself doing these stores. None of the managers have mentioned any. Also, I'm in a seriously economically depressed area in upstate NY. I know that it was a lengthy process for them to find someone to service areas adjacent to me.

It was mentioned that creating a respectful relationship with store management is key. I have to agree with this, as it does make the process smoother. All of the management I have dealt with have been really helpful thus far.

Anyway, yes, for those above who were questioning the legitimacy of Focus Servicing-yes, they are a decent company to work with.
Thank you again starrynight for your help.

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Is recruiting against forum rules? I know for a fact that the EasyShift app forum allows recruiters to post jobs.
My knowledge that it took a while for them to recruit for additional area stores comes from the fact that I saw them continually posting these jobs on Craigslist a long while after I accepted work. If anyone's recruiting, it's not me.
Unless it's against forum rules I don't really see the harm in it.
I am glad that the information I provided may have been helpful to you Vic1967. I think that Focus primarily finds their merchandisers through World Alliance and Craigslist. If you have not signed up with World Alliance I would encourage you to do so. You simply create a profile that is placed into their database. You will get notifications from time to time of companies that have open positions in your area.

It can be really difficult to piece together a profitable route if you live in a rural area. That is where your mystery shops can really come into play. The one benefit of living in a rural area is that you can often pick up shops that may be heavily bonused.
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