Anyone here ever hear of IOSUE Associates or currently do work for them?

Hi all,
Years and years ago I did some merchandising work for IOSUE Associates. But it's been a long time. So for the fun of it, I figured I'd try and see if I could still logon, and I COULD! I got into the website that I have using this login: []. I've done this several times over the past couple of months, but there is NOTHING ever listed in my area. I've googled them but don't see anything that would show if they are out of business, or have merged with another company.

So I figured I'd come on here and ask y'all if anyone has any updated into on them. Thanks!

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Yes, I used to do their jobs when I was with Driveline. I applied with them directly but heard nothing.
Thanks for that info. When Certified used to have a lot of merchandising jobs, some of them were apparently sourced out to IOSUE Associates, because that is how I worked for them. I had forgotten they had their own web site, but it seems they never have any jobs.
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