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While MS for a Hallmark Brand store for greeting cards seems harder. I would assume all other stores selling greeting cards could be Joe Bow greeting cards. The store brand ---Dollar Express-- is already telling you that very few items in the store is more than a "Dollar". The store Dollar Express is not a HallmarkBrand store, which is over-rated when it comes to cards anyway.tongue sticking out smiley

Greeting cards, I have seen in DE are generally, 2 for $, $2 for some, and perhaps a $3 card for others. I rarely have seem a card cost more. Basically any occasion cards.smiling smiley

So I ask You---OP----what kind of cards are you looking for or what kind of cards are you asking to audit?confused smileyconfused smiley
what is the exclamation point for? what is the thing on the end after edit, quote, reply, !?

I decided to call Dollar express myself. Thanks anyways. Have a good day. smiling smiley
Sounds likea great idea, though I don't know why since your questions were answered by sojo.

The exclamation point is to report someone's post. If someone were to be overly hostile and post maybe using threatening or vulgar language, you would report them to the moderator to have it edited or removed. If someone posts about politics or breaks forum rules (such as naming the client and the MSC in the same thread) you might report it to the moderator.
Nothing personal ..... I just wanted to call Dollar Express to find out something that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone at this forum.... smiling smiley
I think sojo is a nurse or physicians assistant if I remember correctly.

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