Is work always this slow this time of year?

I am with Cast and things have died down to almost nothing, except some continuous work with one of the remaining continuous works stores they have.
Is it the same with other companies too?

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This is the norm.

Usually Q1 is quiet, good time I find to do the polish work/taxes. Things pick up in Q2-4.
Actually, a couple companies I work for really ramp up beginning in March. I guess it just depends on the amount of accounts that a company has at any given time. There is one company that I work for that calls this the "reset season" and they tend to be their busiest March through October.
I usually look forward to this slow time, but it hasn't slowed down!

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
Sounds like you need to find some new companies.

Here is where my jobs usually pop up




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