Multi shop at one location

I hope this is the right board for this question. I just picked up a merchandising shop for some remote areas. I also do mystery shops for another company that is always in need of someone to go to this same remote areas. I usually turn down the grocery shops but since I will be merchandising a route of 5 grocery stores, the same stores the mystery shop needs done i was there an ethics or rule issue that would prevent me from going in doing a merchandise shop at say 8am finish at 8:15 walk out to my car walk back in at 8:20 pick up a few groceries (completing my mystery shop) and then leave and go to the next location and repeat?

Long question. sorry i turn to people with more experience than me.

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Absolutely no ethics problem in it at all, as far as I see it. I multi-shop same locations nearly everyday. Sometimes I have a cosmetic reset in the morning, 6am - 1pm, gift card merchandising, snap a photo of the latest hemorrhoid meds for field agent, straighten and stock spices for, try and get an extra feature and order for starbucks and then grocery shop for you know who at the same store on the same day.
Ok thanks for your inputs!!! I did not even think about adding on the field agent stuff since i keep deleting the app cause i am never there enough!! !
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