Do you have their phone number. I mean, I have the phone numbers for like 3 of them, however, it is late on FRIDAY!!! And they use Google phone numbers.

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Did you stop to think perhaps you and @SallyEmpireScheduling are speaking of two different audits? I did two rounds of those audits. You simply took pictures of the cooler doors, several of the companies products, empty facings of competing products, beer caves, and warm displays. In and out in 25 minutes.

But a few question need to be asked. Why in your mind can a scheduler not also be a merchandiser? Why should a company pay you for a project if you didn't complete all requirements of that project? And what is difficult about being on the job site for the full hour if that is what the company is paying you for?

Anyone frustrated with the pay from Survey needs to find a job. Survey and others like it should be nothing more than a side gig. And if a $7 job is taking someone an hour to complete then they're doing something wrong.
Quote: And if a $7 job is taking someone an hour to complete then they're doing something wrong.

If you are saying you can do all of those requirements, including getting product from the backroom, and speaking to the manager, etc. for $7 then you have not done one?
I see another employee of has created a profile on here aka thedevildog.

To answer your question, she didn't specify convenience store beer audits or the full big box audits in Kroger and Safeway. The convenience store audits didn't pay anywhere near $20, but the big box audits did.

And to clarify my comment about deducting for objectives, if you followed the branded rep who was just there and just had a few holes of product to fill, they deducted pay for that. In other words, if it took you 30 minutes to perform the audit and stocking guidelines vs the hour, they deducted pay. The beer company deployed their own staff and a third party company to the stores on the same day. It's not the merchandisers fault the beer aisle is nearly full on arrival.
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