Who handles Smuckers?

Does anyone know what Merchandising Company handles Smuckers? I've only seen Advantage and Empire employees in my stores so far.

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Not sure what you are asking. I am doing a Smuckers promotion 2X a week filling a small store freezer with Uncrustables. The company is called Superfridge and they change promotions every 2 weeks. Easy job. Scrape off ice, add product, take photo, collect $.

~~*~~*~~*~~ kal ~~*~~*~~*~~
Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just forget to load the film.
I found out it is Advantage. One of the employees put their displays up in one of my stores and the Manager thought it was me and was super upset. I never put up displays without the Managers permission, I am a guest.
omgoodness, I've never looked it up until today but I see Advantage IS superfridge. Cool.


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Advantage handles that product line and rotating product is huge for them. Any out of date product found on store shelves will result in a write up.
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