The In-Store Group is hiring a District Assistant Manager

And they're offering a whopping $10 an hour, cash-you pay your own taxes out of that and they would prefer a college degree plus two years as a manager for retail teams and/or resets and you need to provide the computer, office and internet service AND have experience running the Natural Insights website - the scheduling system they use!
Here's the email I received:
Good afternoon Team!

I am hiring for a District Assistant to start on Monday 9-18. The responsibilities and qualifications are listed below. You must have experience managing a team of merchandisers or a reset team. If you are interested and meet the qualifications below, send me your resume, no phone calls please. I will respond to those who meet all requirements.

Thank you and good luck!


• Staff projects as directed by the District Mgr. Goal is to complete all district projects at 100%
• Provide support to entire field staff within assigned district
• Motivate & lead team to meet, exceed goals & reach performance expectations, per DM directive
• Ensure all reports are entered by the field within the time line given
• Recruiting & assist with hiring—Will help maintain & build a team within the district to ensure all projects are staffed
• Reports to District Manager
• Will cover open projects in the field as needed.
• Must have availability to work approximately 30 hours per week Mon-Friday, plus Sat & Sun when needed. Must be willing to work evenings & weekends, as needed.
• This is an independent contractor position, pays $10.00 an hour.

• Must have a minimum 2 Years of Experience Managing either Merchandisers or Reset Teams in a Retail or Grocery Environment
• College Degree or equivalent work related experience
• Experience with recruiting, cold calling & sourcing to staff positions
• Self-starter, organized, disciplined, goal oriented & ability to multi-task
• Ability to quickly adapt to change
• Outgoing personality that can quickly build relationships with staff within district
• Strong computer skills in Excel, Word, and Outlook **Experience with Natural Insight preferred
• Home office with computer, phone & internet access, you will be working from home.

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That's ridiculous. Many merchandisers are making $12-$17 per hour without having to do any of that BS.
I wanted, so badly, to respond to her email but I know it's not her who decides this bullhocky!
They hired someone, they sure did. I can't believe that someone would take $10 an hour for this position. Good luck to them. It's a job you can do at home so I guess that's what they're thinking makes up for the pay. However, it is an independent contractor position also! And it must be one of the most stressful positions out there because you have a boss and, essentially employees, and you have no recourse over anything at all that happens out of the ordinary.
That means they have to be constantly sending those pathetic begging emails trying to fill remote locations...sheesh I would not do it. No way.
Me too, for $20. The District Manager doesn't bother sending begging emails, she sends threatening emails. She sends those emails where it talks about certain people who have not completed an assignment or who are late on their assignment or who did something wrong and she sends the email to absolutely everyone on her list. I asked her to take me off of that list and she said I have to receive her emails or she will terminate me. I only do their highly bonus'd jobs. She knows when she emails me she has to pay through the nose!
That poor person who took the job!! Just these two requirements alone:

Will cover open projects in the field as needed.
• Must have availability to work approximately 30 hours per week Mon-Friday, plus Sat & Sun when needed. Must be willing to work evenings & weekends, as needed.

guarantees that that poor new DM will not have any time for his/herself! Who will have to drive 30, 40, 50 miles when a rep doesn't show up for a reset??? The DM. Who must give up their weekends and evenings with friends/family??? The DM

Hope he/she enjoys their $10/hr!!! A good bit of it will not be earned at home!!!!
Yeah, covering open projects in the field making less than the poor suckers who do them regularly. I bet there is no gas compensation or drive time for it, either.
Oh, so they are all just domineering aholes, then. The one who sends me emails has called my house and left messages on the machine that my husband is like, "WTF?"
The thing is, is that the assistant will be one call virtually 24 hours a day, every day. They will probably have some set hours and then have to 'be there' as soon as help is needed. And, whoever would take that pay rate is probably the same kind of person who will "feel bad" when her efforts don't get the assignment covered and won't charge for that time. These kinds of companies rely on people with that kind of self-esteem!
Yes, no gas or drive-time. Just a flat fee usually. Sometimes they offer an hourly rate but that begins once you arrive at the location.
That's what I said. I don't want emails where you're degrading people when they've taken a job that pays a flat $11.50 and it takes 2.5 hours and they realize they would never do another and you're shaming them. This is not the P.I. or North Korea.
Yeah, I am familiar with them, like I said, they call me and email me pretty regularly. I have done a few projects for them and they took a lot longer than what they said the jobs were going to, so I stopped doing them. But I was referring to the poor twit who took the position. You'd think if she has to go 50 miles to go cover that remote location they could pony up a little compensation.
So the job description for Elizabeth and Shirley's job is: must be a domineering, nasty person willing to cut other people down and belittle them, whatever it takes to get the job done? LOL!
This makes me extremely grateful I am not merchandising anymore. Even Acosta, the manager they hired when our manager got promoted within Acosta. That thing they hired had the audacity to tell me that "xxxxx" did everything wrong as a supervisor. I thought lady, you have no clue at all as to whom you are telling this too & you do realize you both still work in the same office & he was promoted, right? Acosta management is a joke!! I think she believes her college degree gives her the right to bad mouth other people. I don't think so. Did I say I was grateful? I am FREE!!!!
My Manager is a lazy dumbass. I blocked his number so the phone just goes to voicemail, not that he ever calls. I did it because when I call him I can hear the little click that he's sent my call to voicemail. I would never call if it wasn't a dire emergency, dumba$$.
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