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This is the email received by them apologizing for payments not being disbursed but also not mentioning when payments will be made:

It has come to my attention our Vendor Disbursements didn't process properly this week. We have moved to a new vendor payment relationship. With Jerry leaving we didn't realize Tom is now the only one who can approve payments. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and your patience. Please accept my apology for the error of our part.


Roger Miller
InStore Communications Director

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Is it just me, or was anyone else concerned the payment processes were dependent on Tom and Jerry?

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Thanks for the morning chuckle Lisa - I needed that!

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Ive only completed 3 assignments for them, heavily bonused en route, because the pay is about $8 an hour and all the humility you can eat. Didnt see the Tom and Jerry until LisaSTL pointed it out. Hilarious!!!
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