Employee Mileage & DT

I was recently hired by a company that you have to keep track of mileage and all drive time. The 40 mile & 1 hour applies. Is it unreasonable to believe I'm on the clock as soon as I have to write down my odometer reading & time I leave? The same would be for the returning home. Other companies I have worked for were able to do this themselves.

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Hmmm. I've never had to contemplate this. I would say that you could charge them for the 30 seconds each time you have to write the info down but not for the time you write it down through the drive to your first location. Do you drive to the same location every day and only one location or are you traveling to various stores throughout the day and not necessarily traveling to the same first and last locations? I ask because if you are only driving to one location then your travel miles to and from can not be written off. But if your travel varies then it can. The average merchandising company does not pay for the first 30 minutes and 30 miles.
First I'd to say I'm not trying to be petty here but I'm irritated by this. Any company I've worked would ask not to read emails etc before leaving because then your work day starts and would make you eligible for dt from home. The 40/1 hr is based on you aren't working until your first store. When they tell you what you are to do as soon as you get in your car then they have you on the clock. My days vary as far as how many stores but different stores that are weekly. Once your on the clock working time doesn't stop until your done.
Sure,I understand. But you are literally taking a couple of seconds twice a day to write the time and mileage that you're coming and going. Not too long ago, and now if you're writing off mileage on your taxes, you had to do that anyway. And you should be writing off your mileage. I'm assuming the company is paying .31 cents a mile, so you can write off .55 cents - .31 cents for each mile that you drive for the company also, in addition to the mileage to and from if you aren't going to the same store first every day. That's what I do. Also, hit up Snap Audits, Field Agent, GigWalk, and all the other APP companies and put stickers on Hoover Vacuums, IRCs on L'Oreal shampoo and do liquor and coke audits and double or triple or quadriple dip during your merchandising!!!!
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