Anyone do any work for Gigwalk?? How long do you wait for payment into your paypal account thanks

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@prepmaster wrote:

i haven't seen anything on the app to do. How are the assignments?

Slow. Did 2 projects today, averaging a project every other week.
I live in major city and there isnt too much poated, cometed first assignment last week. As soon as it was approved i recieved email funds were deposited to my payal. Was a few days until it was approved though.
I used to do a lot of work for them and Easy Shift, both of them stink now in my opinion to the work/pay ratio compared to 2014-2015 when I started with them. I still do an occasional job, but to me mystery shopping in my area anyways is much more lucrative. They do pay faster though! I used to regularly get paid just a few days after jobs so that part is great!
I enjoy Mobee app.You work for points which you redeem for Walmart gift certificates but you can redeem your points immediately after completing your shops and spend your money. I have never had a shop rejected thru them either.
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