Anyone work for ACOSTA seem like the worked has dropped off. I keep signing on but no offers

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I have been working for them for the past nine months and bring home about 800 every two weeks and I just do project work. I love this company and the jobs just started dropping down today
Horrible Management in Dallas Area. I am resigning as soon as I can find out who my manager is. They did a big reorganization and the current manager will not answer questions. They have plenty of hours but I refuse to drive 40 plus miles to service a store several times a week. Pay is average.
So can anyone help. I am looking for job boards where u can self assign your merchandising jobs. I used to do some work for 711 with gift cards but forgot the name of the company. If anyone can point me in the right direct or tell me how to hook up with CAST that would be awesome. Thank you
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