Apollo Retail just screwed over half their field force!

So Apollo decides to switch systems again after merging 5 divisions into one. And shuffling around managers and levels so much you don’t know who your boss is from week for week lol. So they abruptly close down Mars and roll out this “project center” with only an Android App, but NO iPhone app. iPhone users forced to use a “mobile site” and take pics at the store. Since it’s a mobile site and not an app, the photos take 2-3 minutes to upload EACH. 20 minutes to enter a report? R U f’ing kidding me?! I quit I’m not spending 20 minutes to enter each report because I use an IPhone. And they dumped a last minute project with a 4 day window on us with a new system that does not work for their reps that use IPhones. They’d better act fast before they lose a client!

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You don't have to use the app, you can use the website. I have an Android and because it's dying apps and such don't work on it well or at all so I just take my pictures and label/sort when I get home and upload to the reports. They still take some time to upload but It really isn't a hassle.
It’s taking 2-3 minutes per photo with the web app on the iPhone because of the size of thr photoe. An app would reduce them before sending.
The area mgr stopped signing me up for assignments, yet had an ad up hiring in my area. My attorney sent in 5 applications from men and 5 applications for women. All 5 men's applications were contacted and none of the women. They've settled out of court for the $50 ask and I got 33%. They're farktards.
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