Is the Source a real company?

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The only "The Source" that I know of used to be Trendsource, they dropped Trend and just use Source. they mainly do mystery shops and audits.
They are located in San Diego, Cal.
They were supposed to pay me on the 5th, and I got my pay the 31st...yes,the Source (Trend) is a real company from CA. San Diego.

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I left them last year, loads of free work, loads of bad people on the front lines, but yes they are a real company.
The good side is: they paid me for two jobs on the 31st. five days earlier than the 5th when we get paid.
Schedulers now seem to favor certain shoppers, however, I call and Jeff schedules me personally, so,
I get what I want although it is another step and my time.
OP seems a bit confused as Source Merchandising is not the name of the company everyone is speaking of.
Check google.

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When I googled "source merchandising" I found an actual Source Merchandising based in Cairo, Egypt. They are a supplier of athletic and other uniform clothing. Other than that, the only other "Source" I'm aware of is "The Source", whose name officially used to be, and is still often referred to here on the Forum as, Trendsource. They are legitimate and pay every two weeks. Not a high payer, but pay is timely and jobs are easy.
Maybe if OP went on our Merchandising thread, she/he will find the correct company.

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@Irene_L.A. wrote:

Maybe if OP went on our Merchandising thread, she/he will find the correct company.
I thought this WAS the merchandising thread, Irene??!!
find in your google apps. It is a real company; however, pay is minimal and the jobs take 3x what they say they do
@guysmom wrote:

@Irene_L.A. wrote:

Maybe if OP went on our Merchandising thread, she/he will find the correct company.
I thought this WAS the merchandising thread, Irene??!!
Guess your right, never knew after 10 years with them they did Merchandising...have done all their jobs, never saw a merchandising job and their in CA...San Diego.

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Amazing. Where did you find a phone number to call them? I have a business inspection on hold since Friday morning. I've sent numerous emails through their web site and still no answer. The job is on hold due to an incorrect address yet the address is exactly as printed on the project. I'm frustrated!
Yes, The Source is a legit company, but the one that I do business with does on-site/business inspections, mystery shops. No merchandising, as far as I know.
They have a contact email right on their site, and answer in one day....they do many groceries, business inspections a few restaurants, and many kiosk health care,, and the big box. I would not do the job until your approved, and have never seen a merchandising job. Sloane and Jeff always text me when something in my town comes up, which is often.
I do three groceries for them every weekend, they pay like clockwork. Never have seen a Merch. job.

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I have been doing some shops for The Source for 12 years, and have never seen a merchandising assignment from them.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
@tresgma wrote:

wanted to find about the Source Merchandising co
Never heard of aconfused smileyource Merchandising Co.????

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