I was recently told to go 20 miles in one direction to retake a picture because someone did not like the one I submitted(not asked told). When I got there someone was re-doing the job I had done and told me that nothing was in it's proper place. Well, if that were true, then the person who had set the display to planogram had not followed the planogram either plus there were additional items that had been added to the display that were not available two days before when I had set the display up.. And no I had not been given any training. This was setting up cards. A couple of years ago I was fired by a demo company because someone insisted that I had taken a picture of them without their permission. The demo company,for their part, said that they did not require pictures. The person reporting the picture taking incident gave a description of me that was wrong the only correct things were that I was older and female the other items were inaccurate. For both companies I was once considered to be one of their best workers or so I have been told. Has anyone else ever had an experience with companies that went from positive to negative in a hurry?

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I haven't done much merchandising, but I sometimes get confusing feedback on mystery shops. It just happened last week that I had a shop rejected. I sent a quick email to the scheduler and she acknowledged that the editor had made a mistake. Corrected immediately.

If you have the option to get a second view, I would always try that first. If you have made a mistake, always always ask for more feedback so that you do not make the same mistake again. I think that's always been appreciated. If someone got upset for me asking too many questions, they won't have to worry about working with me again (and neither will I).

You mentioned someone not following the planogram though. Did you have a planogram to work from? or were you just refilling everything the way you found it?
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