Anyone currently working for Hallmark/American Greetings?

Background: Second-year college student, previous retail/customer service experience.

I am looking for a job that would allow me to "choose my hours" (obviously I know there will be times that I will have to work certain days/times no matter what) and I came across the greeting card companies. They are both hiring in my area of Texas.

I was doing research through this forum and but it seems like that posts are majorly outdated (especially from volition), so I figured it wouldn't hurt to make this thread.

Is one company "better" than the other? Do either companies reimburse for mileage? If you work for them, would you mind sharing a range of what they pay new employees in your state? Would either company allow me to take 2 and a half months off in the summer/allow me to work in the major metro that my parents live in for 2 and a half months? How do you like working for them?

Thank you for your input, and apologizes for all the questions!

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I have a friend that used to work for American Greetings. She was supplementing her pension until she got her SS.The pay was single digit, no mileage, no travel time. You had to be in the store first thing in the morning the day after a holiday to pull all holiday cards, she always had to work Black Friday. And the day before the holiday to make sure all holiday cards were fully stocked.No vacation time. She quit in 2018, so maybe things have changed, but I doubt it.
I would suggest finding a job on campus though your school. They are used to working around class schedules and transportation/commute should be minimal. A lot of merchandising jobs are feast or famine as described above - low hours for a few weeks, then long projects for a few weeks.

If you enjoy merchandising, you could check out the thread about merchandising apps. They allow you to pick and choose and you could use it for extra money when you had time.

Former mystery shopper, current merchandiser.
I have been working for American Greetings for almost 8 years now and think it is a great parttime job with lots of flexibility, but not the kind of flexible that will let you take off 2.5 month and/or work in another area for that time. While they do not pay mileage, they do pay you at your regular pay rate for travel time between stores, but not to or from your first and last store of the day. In Alabama where I work, I think most people start at minimum wage but I have gotten a small raise every year since I started. I do have to work all week the week before and the week after any "card holiday" to take down holiday cards and put up the next holiday's cards. I hope this helps. Feel free to let me know if you have other questions. I have never worked for Hallmark but in my area, they have a lot of turnover which is never a good sign.
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