Zombie Job--it just won't die!

So I signed up for Observa's first-ever merchandising job requiring a shipment (back in Spring). This was a route that was an out of state route I was pairing with an established route. Because of shipping delays I wound up cancelling the jobs. Or so I thought.

Long after I had cancelled the displays arrived (early June). I wrote to ask how to return them, and was told they would get back to me. A couple of weeks later, I was asked when I planned on completing the jobs. I reminded them that I had cancelled, and was waiting for return postage instructions. A dozen different times since then I have gotten emails from various schedulers and PMs asking when I will complete, promising return mail instructions, etc.

These displays have sat in an outbuilding for over 6 weeks now. This is a rather large box, so I had no place else to store it. The displays are now mouse and spider infested, and went through last month's flooding. I have told them all of this, sent damage pictures, etc. I keep getting told they are contacting the client for instructions, but nothing ever happens.

Today they emailed again asking when I planned to complete the route!!! I told them I am throwing the displays away if I don't get other instructions by the end of the week.

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Yup, they are miserable at getting supplies to you and then not recognizing that you had cancelled the job. Happened to me.
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