How to address a difficult manager

I have over 15 years merchandising experience. This is the first time I have ever had any difficulty with a manager. She speaks rudely, loud and issues orders in front of customers. I did speak with the assistant manager and his reply was, “that’s the way she is.” I don’t believe we have to take abuse from a store employee. I’m hesitant to speak to my regional manager and have this turn into a mess. I believe my regional manager would say that the store management is right and what did you do to create this.

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I have dealt with store managers like that over the years. I'm going on almost 30 years merchandising. I stand there, smile at them, nod my head and let them carry on, then when I walk away I forget everything they yelled/said to me. I have outlasted 3 store managers at one store that were like that, I have been servicing that store for 20 years. I have never gotten my Supervisor/district manager/regional manager involved in them.
I had one store manager treat the Vice president of one company that I worked for the same way. Before leaving he told me "just goes with the job. If your doing your job right,
don't worry what they say."
Thanks for your reply! I think I just needed someone to voice what I have floating around in my head!
I merchandise the sunglasses/readers displays in a regional chain of grocery stores in my area. I made sure that all of the department managers have my phone number so they can call me when orders come in to let me know that they have it AND that they know where it is so I don't have to spend 30 or more minutes looking for it when I come in. When I first took over, there were a few of these stores that misplaced the orders and no one knew where it was when I came in. I only am allowed one visit to each store per month and they want me to stay close to an hour per visit whenever possible, so 30+ minutes of searching for the order is pretty frustrating, especially when after that time it still can't be found.

So, I got a phone call Wednesday from a store associate (not the dept. mgr.) from the HB department at one of the stores and she left a snide, chitty message on my phone that my order had been sitting in the back room for a few weeks now and I had better get there immediately to put it up. I called her back and asked her quite sweetly why I was just now hearing about it if the order had been there for a couple of weeks, and why no one had called me before now to let me know. I also gently explained to her that if I drove over to the store and the order wasn't where I could find it, I would just straighten up the display and leave, and then I wouldn't be able to come back to the store until the next month--and that is why it's so important for them to call me when the order comes in, and not two weeks later. She didn't have a lot to say in response.

Yeah, we just have to deal with arseholes sometimes.
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