looking for feedback on Nielsen Field Quality Specialist position

Was offered a job with Nielsen as a Field Quality Specialist Merchandiser. Curious if anyone has any feedback on this position. Thanks!

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If you go here [careers.nielsen.com] and search that job title it does not appear to exist. They do have a warning posted about fraudulent job offers, so be sure it's really Nielsen that you're dealing with.

Assuming it is, good luck.
At the bottom of careers.nielsen.com is this:

It has come to Nielsen’s attention that individuals misrepresenting themselves as Nielsen representatives have offered fraudulent employment opportunities. In some cases, job seekers are asked to pay a processing or work permit fee in order to secure an offer of employment. Nielsen and our external recruiting/placement partners will never request credit card information or charge candidates an up-front fee of any kind.

If you receive a fraudulent employment request, save the message and send it to your local law enforcement agency. You may also contact us.
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