AMC Tyson Simply Roasted Sticker Placement Project - Postage Due!

I accepted two AMC Tyson Simply Roasted Sticker Placement assignments and have been waiting for the stickers to arrive. Today I got home and an attempt to deliver had been made. However, there is postage due in the amount of $5.86 before they will deliver the item. : (

Of course, I'm taking my time this evening to contact the scheduler and provide a scan of the postage due notice. Then I'll invest more time in collecting the item from the post office or resolving this in some other way.

Did anyone else experience this situation for this project?

Bilingual (Spanish<>English)

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All is good and the stickers have been adhered to their proper places on the products. smiling smiley
It seems that my local post office decided the package didn't fit the definition of a parcel. They handwrote on the envelope -> Too flat and pliable to be a parcel.
So they re-classified it to an envelope and charged $5.86 more for delivery.

The merchandising company added the postage amount to the job fee and I sent them a scan of the postal receipt.

Happy resolution!

Bilingual (Spanish<>English)
Nice resolution.

The post office did something similar to me. I purchased spatulas that came in a bubble envelope. I used this to forward one of them to my brother and they said it wasn't an envelope because it couldn't bend like an envelope did. They charged me the higher priced shipping that showed up on the screen, I believe it was for a package.
Someone probably forgot to put postage on the envelope. The PO charges a surcharge for postage due.
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