Anyone here work for SPAR?

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They mainly do Family Dollar anymore. They do the greeting cards, and lots of resets every month.The resets are long hours.
I've worked for them since 1998. They only thing I do now for them is as a sub. merchandiser, filling in for merchandisers and doing assists on resets.

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I used to work for them a few years ago. I worked at Dollar General stocking Sony DVD's, Mom & Pop type carry outs doing tobacco audits, and at Advance Auto stores doing resets. The pay was the worst per hour I made at any merchandising company. I turned down a job because it was too far and the next thing I knew no jobs ever showed up on my account job portal thing, ever again. I am assuming it was some kind of punishment but whatever. They even had the nerve to deduct a percentage from my hourly wage for "independent contractor insurance fees". Management was very hard to communicate with. You were lucky to ever get a reply back from them.
Thanks for the info. I've been doing some merchandising at Dollar General and ran into some stores that last month SPAR had representatives do the jobs I was doing. So I was quite curious, as it didn't look like they followed directions, didn't follow through on instructions. So I was correcting as I went!
I worked for them years ago, and was very eager to do so.

Well the luster went off the apple within a week.tongue sticking out smiley

Website that was at best designed by a drunk monkey high on cocaine.

Management that had no sense of how to treat workers.

I still remember the e-mail from my boss that said, "This isn't a viable relationship" as she axed me.tongue sticking out smiley
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