Anyone working for LMS who is now combining with Crossmark?

I have worked off and on for LMS for years (and they are still paying the same low hourly wage they did 10 yrs ago) but now that they are blending with Crossmark not so sure I want to stay on.
PS - My regional mgr.(who I really liked) decided to retire when they told her she couldn't continue on in the same position.

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I have been with LMS for about a year and love reporting in Natural Insight. I despise 1Hub with Crossmark. I really hate working for Crossmark and it's only been a week. The only thing keeping me on is BHN work. I'm ready to walk away.
I worked for LMS before WIS bought them, and yes, I am working for Crossmark now. I have seen no new calls but did ask for a list of calls in my area from my new supervisor. I have done work all over New York and Pennsylvania so dealt with different FSSs.(not to mention the turnover of getting a new FSS every other year) They are all in different jobs now. I don't like what I've read about their fee structure and mileage. I don't work for cheap so I wonder if I will be doing any work for Crossmark.
I actually got booted out because I didn't log in soon enough after the changeover.
I don't know how they are going to survive as right before the transfer they were begging for reps to service pretty much ALL of my local stores (many of which I used to be the dedicated rep before covid) as they had apparently not replaced me as the regular rep for these stores.
They were also paying me good bonuses to drive to some other locations to get jobs done.
My new FSS (the LMS one quit when they changed everything) never emailed me about anything - just the initial introductory email.
Can't imagine how they are filling those jobs, and I pretty much don't care either!
Survey Merchandiser is actually doing the Candy Restocking jobs in CVS and it is says we are representing "Crossmark". So a good few "temp agency" type companies and they try anything at this point lol
I worked for llm and then they merge with Crossmark. then the crazy thing is I got fired. I'm like what I did a great job however they still fired me ....even my manager no longer work for the company as well so my thought is don't go waste of time
I work for Crossmark, my biggest complaint is that dumb app 1hub! When it was LMS, I always printed out my VI's right from my computer, but now it can only be done from the phone and I don't mind having my printer connected to my phone. But when it's the only way to print out your VI's that's another story! I've had so many issues with this matter(sometimes I only need a few pages, from a previous project, but it prints out every single page, the printout comes out way too small, too large, etc. I just stopped doing the printouts, unless it's from NI, as long it's on my phone, I can read the VI. But I just haven't the time to take 6 hours to figure out how best to print out a 5-page form from my phone!
I quit and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. I should have quit at the end of August. There was very little work and the new manager could care less if the former LMS people got anything. After getting shorted on mileage and fees, I quit. That nonsense with checking in on 1Hub and then the BHN website and then fill out two reports was nuts.
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