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Does anyone have any experience with them? I signed up a while back, but have yet to do any work for them. It looks like their assignments have a set pay of $14 an hour and have specific time limits per assignment such as 60 or 90 minutes. I have not seen anything close to me and don’t want to drive an hour each way for a $14 job that takes an hour on location. They also state that if it takes longer to complete the assignment no additional pay will be allowed. What is the learning curve to get these jobs done in the stated time limit?

It doesn’t seem like there is a way to make a profit working for this company after figuring in drive time and taxes.

Any positive or negative experiences anyone has had would be appreciated.

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I am also looking for recommendations for IC merchandising work. I see the merchandising thread on this forum to be rather quiet.

Is there a list of active merchandising companies like there is for mystery shopping companies?

Thanks for any info.
I started working for them in 2019. I had done some prepaid card resets at Pilot and some other convenience stores for them in the winter because my hours with Driveline went down, as they always do in November-January. Those were decent jobs because I already had prepaid experience and was able to string routes together and get them done within the estimated time. I hadn't done much else for them besides prepaid. I had noticed last year the majority of their work in East Tennessee was working at the truck stops i.e. Pilot, TA, etc. setting things like clothing items. I believe they were doing Foster Grant glasses there as well. The District Manager contacted me several times in late spring, early summer of 2022 needing me to help and I had told her that I work for another merchandising company and was just too busy at the time to help out. Next thing I knew I was locked out of Natural Insight on my ISG account. I took it that they got mad and terminated my employment but I never did bother to contact them because I don't like working at truck stops anyhow. Too many customers in such a small space, no shopping carts available to use, etc. Personally I would rate them a 2.5 out of 5 and I would not be taking any jobs where it's a flat rate fee unless you have experience doing it. Not worth it if they are offering like $14 then you realize you're stuck there for two hours. I don't recall them paying for mileage, either but I could be wrong. Just my two cents.
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