Fidelity Express

Has anyone done the Fidelity Express signage job? I was sent signs and a banner. I read the instructions and watched the short YouTube video. There was no information about the banner. The signs in the instructions were much smaller than the ones I was sent. I'm going to wing it when I go and hope the signs I will replace are similar in size. I was just curious how it went for others.

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I've done some in the past with the MSC that did all the prepaid cards. It can be kind of a pain. A lot of the owners don't want all the signs. I let them decide which ones I replace.
I did one of these about 2 years ago but I only had the sticker sent to me. Can you email the scheduler for clarification?
I completely agree with Equine24. I've done them in the past. Most owners don't want them up. Waiting around until someone can take care of me made it not worth it anymore.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Update: I got lucky with the job. They didn't have previous signs to remove. The manager was happy when I said I had Fidelity signs to put up. I put them in the window near the door. It was easy and stressfree.
I did one of these last fall and the manager was happy I had signs for his store. He was actually hoping for more. He was going to call and request more. I kept watching the job board to see if the location would be posted again, but I never saw it.
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