Thread deletion if question answered.

I don't know if there is already a function for this but can a thread be deleted by the OP? When there is a question asked that is answered the thread is dead at that time but still lives in the history. It does eventually fall to the back of the pack but can it be cleaned up by just deleting it? Thanks to anyone who may know this question.

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An OP cannot delete a thread. However, instead of deleting all the text in their post, the OP could use the "report" function and ask a moderator to delete the thread.

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What if the answer to the OP's question helps someone else reading the thread? I know I have had questions, but never had to ask them, because there was a thread where another shopper already asked the same question.
I'd rather see OP have the option to lock or close a thread rather than deleting it.

I would like to see some of the feeding frenzies deleted though. Or maybe moved to a "hall of shame" area.

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I don't propose deleting all threads after an answer has been received. I was thinking specifically about a recent thread in which the OP asked who shops XXX. He got a NO answer and promptly deleted the text of his post, leaving several responses to a blank post. In cases where the OP wishes to delete the opening post, I would rather see the mod delete the thread.
Why clean it up at all?

For one reason, it is there for all to see. The question and answer may be just as valid three years from posting now when posted. Another reason is that all the threads together show how active this forum is and thus how valuable it is to someone looking at it for the first time.

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The only threads that really make any sense to deleted are the ones asking if ABC company is down or slow tonight and it is just an off night or upgrade, etc. and a day or two later everything is functioning normally. Otherwise i do think it is likely that the questions and comments are useful to others. I really dislike it when the OP is deleted, but tons of comments remain. In those cases, I wish the poster would either leave it, state that they realized it was and ICA violation or admit they were ranting unnecessarily.
I don't think any threads should be deleted. Many old threads provided me with many answers when I first started shopping. I would suggest that the search option be changed so it lists single threads and not multiple answers to the same thread. The way it current lists threads is very irritating and would drive me to create a thread that potentially would ask a question that was answered years ago.

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I believe if the OP had the option to delete the post, then everything would be deleted below it. (like facebook)

I don't like it when the OP edits the post and you end up reading a blank....and all the replies to the blank.

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