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Does this forum not have the feature where users can "hide" other people's signatures? I know a lot of people like them, but I find them very distracting. Thanks!

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On that subject, I wish there was a way I could suppress my own signature if I have already made a post in that thread. Or... if it could automatically suppress the signature on a page by page basis -- if I have posted on page one, my signature won't show up in that thread again until I post on page two, or maybe never again in that thread, which would be fine with me, or even only once a week in the same thread -- something to keep the same siggies from showing up over and over on the same page.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Frankly, it wouldn't break my heart if there was no signature feature.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
I'd hate to see options, especially fun ones, taken away. Many people seem to like the sig lines. Those who don't? Just ignore 'em, for crying out loud. Holy Moses. There's lots and lots and lots of things that annoy the bejeezus outta me, that I have no control over, no matter how much profanity I expend over it. Being perturbed about signature lines in online forums? Waaaaaaaaay down on my "Things to be Annoyed About" list. Like #947. (:

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@rainy --

I've now added the ability for you to hide signatures.

If you don't want to see signatures, just go here:


You'll see an option that says "do no show signatures." Check that, press submit, and there'll be no more signatures displayed for you.
Great! I was surprised when I deleted my signature and found that feature. Love it. Less clutter and faster browsing.
Thank you Jacob - I find the signature lines redundant and that was a great feature to add.
Is there an option to hide the moderator?
(Just kidding, Jacob, to see if you are paying attention.)

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