Why are forum posts showing in Korean? (I think it is Korean.)

라­­이­­브­­­­바­­카­­라 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ 라­­이­­브­­­­바­­카­­라 라­­이­­브­­­­바­­카­­라 No Replies
바­­카­­라­­노­­하­­우 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ ­­바­­카­­라­­노­­하­­우 ­­바­­카­­라­­노­­하­­우 No Replies
카­­지­­노­­속­­임­­수 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ 카­­지­­노­­속­­임­­수 카­­지­­노­­속­­임­­수 No Replies
카­­지­­노­­사­­이­­트 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ 카­­지­­노­­사­­이­­트 카­­지­­노­­사­­이­­트 No Replies

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It seems to be one very busy spammer, and I thought it was Chinese, though it could be pure chicken scratch for all I know.
Too bad toggling a user doesn't keep his or her posts from showing up on your list of "latest" threads.

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It is a busy little spammer. He/She is still at it. Posting 1-2 posts per minute.

바­­카­­라­­하­­는­­법 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ ­­바­­카­­라­­하­­는­­법 ­­바­­카­­라­­하­­는­­법 new No Replies 1 poslisliji 09/27/2015 10:54PM
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실­­전­­카­­지­­노 ▶o­­x­­7­­0­­0­­。­­C­­o­­m◀ 실­­전­­카­­지­­노 실­­전­­카­­지­­노 new No Replies 1 poslisliji 09/27/2015 10:52PM
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It's been taken care of! Thank you, everybody, for the assistance.

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According to translate.google.com, it's Korean: Live Baccarat, Live Baccarat, Live Baccarat ▶ ox700.Com ◀
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