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Hi Jacob,

I have no idea if this has been discussed before, but one thing I've seen on some other forums that I wish were done here is that when we follow a topic, we would only receive one notification and would not get another one until we actually visit the forum again to read that topic.

For example, I'll use the General Chat topic on The Twilight Zone. I made a post and began to follow the topic. After that, I received a notification when someone else responded to the topic. I kept receiving notices until I had time to go back and read the topic again. Then I started getting notices again.

There are days when I can end up with 10-15 notices for one topic. What I am suggesting is that instead of all of those, I only get the first notification. When I visit the topic again, after that, I would get another notification, but just the one.

It would really ease the influx of email and having to make sure I click on the first email received so that I don't miss a post.

Any chance of putting that type of script into the site here?

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@Orrymain – that is a great idea. I think it would take some custom coding, but it is definitely something I'm interested in doing. Not sure of the timeline though.

Thanks for considering it. Whenever you have a chance to get to it, that will be great. ::}
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