Why do some old threads close?

I have tried to post to some older threads, but they seem to be closed to new posts. Sometimes I have something to say that is inline with an older thread. I am pretty sure, at one time, I tried to post in the "joke of the day" thread, in General chat, and it was closed to new posts. Is there a reason some of these threads do not stay open?

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How old is a thread when it becomes aged out and closed to replies? I can see if it's ancient, but some threads are closed with less than six months' activity. That is not an irrelevant topic.

Often in the forum, multiple new threads are started for existing topics. We deal with that. Sometimes/sometimes not, threads are combined via moderation. If automation closes threads, that's a horse of a different color. Research and/or points of reference is time consuming when multiple threads have to be opened.
I would even dare to say, some threads stay relevant even longer. There are a few yearly projects I can think of, right off the top of my head, that come up on the forum every year. A lot of times the projects are the same or just a little bit different. I am just throwing that out there......
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