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Ok. I have tried and tried but every time I search for a topic or word I get results that have nothing to do with it. For example I just searched, "search" to see if this has been asked. Oh, I got results, lots of them! None had the word, "search" in the title or body. Am I doing something wrong?


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I just searched for "search" and this thread was the first on the list. The posts under it had the word "search" in it...ex second post had "you have to do your own search, we're not allowed to give both client and MSC's names..."

I typed "search" in the second box down: Search Messages. I have to admit, though, that I don't use the search function all that much so I'm no expert.

Try using the Search function - without the word "search". In its place, insert what you are interested in. Pizza, apartments, audits, Ikea . . . ?
To the right of where you type the word you can click on the drop down menu where it asks "All words, Any words or Exact phrase". And then below that is a drop down menu for Options "Show results as messages" or "Show results as threads". Maybe that will help if you haven't seen those.
Don't forget to change the default from last 30 days to "All dates."

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