Night of Shame for MS Forum

I guess he needs to study a little harder on the part of how to make's been a lot more than 5 sessions and it looks like he is getting nowhere fast. In my eyes he's won nothing other than a more defined bias against him and strong distaste for his point of view from the majority of forum members. IDGARA if he thinks we are witches, Irene. It is getting close to Halloween. He had better be careful or I might turn him into a toad! What's that, you already did? Oh, no wonder he hasn't been able to type on his keyboard this weekend! Envision little pudgy toad arms flailing helplessly trying in vain to reach the keyboard...

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OMG...I meant he wins as in the Mods like him, certainly not forum members, he has just about put everyone down, imagine sending Dave a PM and insulting him on's been a pleasure not having to see anymore gloom and doom threads.....or maybe he met his love when he went out to dinner in the red light district.....
Poor guy. starting to feel a bit sorry for him, catch me quick!!

Live consciously....

Yeah, he is too much like his political idol for me to feel sorry for him...
I agree...that's the type that would follow him.....

Live consciously....
*What was the WOW? Did any poster perform exceptional service?*

There were two WOW moments during my visit to this thread. First, moosehoose did an exceptional job with providing an opening for a discussion in which the forum members could elect to participate and-- knowingly or unknowingly-- show true selves. Certain other posters' work here was consistent with their work in other threads. They provided the second WOW of this visit.

Their vitriol was overwhelming and almost palpable. The vehemence of their posts in this thread, when combined with their other vile postings, made a lasting impression upon me. The blast of toxic fumes came at me as if sandblasted and the force of it caused me to recoil. One blouse was scorched and several keys on my keyboard melted when I touched them with my fingers which were hot and singed from reading the flaming attacks. An additional comment was made about those posters in the next narrative.

*Would you recommend any poster for commendation, re-training, or other career? If so, why?*

I would recommend moosehoose for commendation. This poster had a knack for challenging other posters to choose between the high road of internet posting and the lowly back alleys that haters frequented.

I would recommend the consistently fiery haters for another career. If the adage was true, and practice made perfect, then their work here was the practice that has perfected them for Hate Training.

Individuals and groups who could benefit from Hate Training included actors and actresses who did not have this within themselves and could draw upon it as a resource in their work. Thugs and bullies could avail themselves of this training now. It could serve them well in a future society in which guns were forbidden and inaccessible. In that society, other weapons would be sought by persons who were determined to harm others. Hate as a weapon could help them to harm others. The Hate Training could provide breadth and depth of Hatefulness. The consistent haters here would be ideal candidates for the job of Hate Trainer. Their postings could be included in the history of hating series of courses. Their work would contribute examples to 'The Modern History of Hating: Cyberspace and Beyond'.

*Would you recommend this thread or this forum to another shopper? Why or why not?*

I would recommend this thread and this forum to another shopper for three reasons. First, the wealth of information about shop types was invaluable, according to my experience and to others' posted information. Second, there was encouragement for shoppers in various places within this forum. Sometimes, the encouragement was to try something new, to take care of themselves, or to set a new goal for revenue, production, or performance. Third, the writings in the forum were-- or should have been-- protected expressions. Shoppers of all types and personalities should have known when they arrived, or learned by reading posts here, that opinions and facts abounded online and offline. It was our responsibility as shoppers to to distinguish fact from fiction. The posts throughout this forum provided thousands of opportunities to identify facts and opinions, which in turn could bolster shoppers' ability to be objective.

Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.- Al Bernstein
I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born. - Ronald Reagan
Scratching head as I politely try and make sense of above post.....round and round she goes and where she stops, no one knows.....

Live consciously....
Post removed. Personal attack deleted, couched or otherwise. - Mod

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
"I prefer someone who burns the flag and then wraps themselves up in the Constitution over someone who burns the Constitution and then wraps themselves up in the flag." -Molly Ivins
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It's a waste of your time and it really annoys the pig.
@LisaSTL wrote:

Irene, trying to read some posts is not good for your health or eyesight. You know the ones that are basically blah, blah, blah, haters ,blah, blah, bullies, blah and oh yeah, blah blah. They are always from people who feel blathering on about nonsense couched as philosophical musings somehow gives the impression they are deep thinkers who are morally and intellectually superior.
Excellent observation, I really am unable to read through those posts, I'd rather read a book...kinda like "What is the meaning of life". I did some thinking about this, and decided we give solid advice, helping newcomers with specific answers to their questions, (as this is a shoppers forum), while above rattle's on and on about...when I figure it out, you'll be the first to know. No disrespect, I wasn't raised that way...smiling smiley.

Live consciously....
If I say I don't like bologna and cheese sandwiches and other forum members do, is that considered a personal attack and will I get moderated?
Wow- post deleted - seriously?

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Yeah, mods said it was a personal attack, so that means I am not allowed to voice my opinions about other forum member's long-winded, nonsensical, exhausting-to-read posts. No matter how much I refrain from using any insulting words or actually write anything that could be construed as attacking anyone, it's considered an insult. So it rained today where I live and the sky was gray. Guess if someone doesn't agree with me, I am personally attacking them.
Same thing with Lisa, fairly innocent post just stating the obvious, and it's considered a personal attack. Bunch of bull hockey pucks.
I'm wondering if the 2 posters, Jasflalmt and Lisasstl have not been attacking, are deliberately posting provocative things just to make them say something they can complain about and get you moderated? It seems possible to me which is why it's just not worth responding to them anymore. I think this is how they get their kicks. (and yes I expect to be moderated for a "personal attack"winking smiley.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.
It seems like the forum mods are very biased and there is blatant favoritism going on (not in our favor). It appears the mods have their own license to personally attack forum members that they decide they don't like by editing posts with heavy censorship in a very one-sided, rigid regime. If the mods wanted to get rid of people, that's a great way to do it.
I cannot understand why some people get their "feelings" hurt so easily. It is an Open Forum.

"Scratching my head while removing my burnt shirt."

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Good googly moogly, I'm going to need a beer before even thinking of trying to catch up on this thread. 1 P. M. is a good time to pop the top, yes?

Go right ahead. It's still happy hour in the UK--they are 6 hours ahead of EST but it's still okay for a nip of this or that. I would join you but I have to go dry my hair, and we both know how long that takes. My demo starts at 3 so I had better go get dressed.
I'll try again after work. I'm slacking during my lunch hour. Mystery Shop Forum and History & Systems studying for the win. Also, I heard my Etsy cha-ching twice Woo!
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